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How to upload files to post Empty How to upload files to post

Post by Grimemaster on Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:25 pm

Theres several sites that can be used for uploading. As I use Rapidshare I will tell you step by step how you upload using it.

1 - If you are paying for a rapidshare premium account, then make an account then click premium and enter your folder.
2 - If you intend on uploading to gain points to exchange for a free premium account then click Free zone and make an account.
3 - Once in your folder, Click browse.
4 - Then find on your pc the file you wish to upload. If you wish to upload an album then make sure you have zipped it up into one file or it will not upload.
5 - Once you have found your file, click ok and then click upload.
6 - The file will then start to upload.

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