DVD section in VIP CLOSED!!!

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DVD section in VIP CLOSED!!! Empty DVD section in VIP CLOSED!!!

Post by Grimemaster on Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:30 pm

Unfortunatly due to a member taking advantage of my VIP section and stealing links to post evrywhere so my links to ALL the dvds will be deleted, I have no reason to keep the DVD section open as all my links are dead!!!

The user who did this goes by a few names on the net, heres a few:

CB3 Skengman
Showerman Owen

and theres more. Im sure You all know who im talking about!

I will be uploading them again through time but I will be charging everyone either donations or VIP charges as uploading dvds takes alot of time and i really cant let this happen again. I was going to say FUCK IT and not carry on with the site.

So please help out and pm me about giving a donation or for VIP.

Also i may even make this site an invite only and fill it with exclusives.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the site

DVD section in VIP CLOSED!!! Icon_king

DVD section in VIP CLOSED!!! 2v9rx35

DVD section in VIP CLOSED!!! 66o2o9v

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